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Your Involvement in your child's learning

Parents useful meetings

Being the first and foremost educators of the child, parents are encouraged to contribute to the well- being of the child. Dr. Montessori believed that the best way for a child to succeed is to have the parents and the Montessori trained Directress working together throughout the child's developmental stages. Parent education and involvement is a major part of our program. Parent informative evenings are scheduled throughout the school year. During informative evenings, our teachers discuss different areas of our classroom as well as certain aspects of the Montessori philosophy. This is a great opportunity for parents to learn more about Montessori methods.

Parent Involvement

Parents can contribute to our program by volunteering for field trips, providing their expertise, serving on the parent Advisory Committee. Further, parents who have special talents, hobbies, etc. are invited for offer a class activity. Please contact, our staff to schedule an activity.


Newsletters, term events, and notices are sent to the parents/guardians via e-mail. Receipts, invoices, and birthday invitations are placed in mailbox on child's locker.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent-Teacher meetings are an important part of our school to educate parents about their child's academic progress, to set goals, and to discuss areas of concern that need more attention. Our school holds two meetings a year, one in January and the other in May. The Montessori teachers keep open lines of communication at all times with the parents. Special meetings may be arranged at any time at the request by the teacher or parent.


We have a small library of books available for the parents of our school. Parents are encouraged to sign out books, CDs, and videos to learn and understand more about the Montessori philosophy and child development.

Events & Fundraising

River East Montessori Preschool has a vision of supporting children who have limited access to education in the early years in developing countries because of poverty or many other reasons. We contribute $2 of your monthly tuition fee of your child towards this charity. Furthermore, we are organizing fundraising events in the summer to gather parents and communities to support this mission. Anybody who is interested in our charitable mission is welcome to make monitory or in kind contributions by contacting us.

Parent Resources

The Parent Handbook provides new parents with an understanding of the mission, philosophy, policies, and procedures followed at our centre.

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